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Legal HGH for Sale. You can buy HGH Online. Learn how to buy Natural HGH legally online. Endocrine Hormone specialists explain how you can purchase HGH safely and legally with a prescription.

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Legal HGH for Sale includes brand names such as Genotropin, Norditropin, Somatropin, Omnitrope & Humatrope. Men and women seek genuine HGH to increase energy, treat menopause, Andropause, boost libido, build muscle, burn fat, enhance their mood and gain a more youthful appearance. HGH can help you feel and look younger for longer.

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How Legal Growth Hormone can help treat a hormonal imbalance or age-related HGH deficiency.

Only Authentic Human Growth Hormone injections are effective in raising HGH levels back up into a normal healthful range. HGH Pills and HGH-Boosting Supplements, liquids and sprays are simply not effective when it comes to increasing low growth hormone levels.

What About Secretagogues Like Sermorelin or HGH Precursors?

Beyond real Injectable HGH, the only effective HGH releaser is Sermorelin Acetate. Sermorelin Injections can help stimulate your pituitary to release more growth hormone. Unfortunately, HGH pills and HGH sprays are not effective as Growth Hormone Deficiency treatments. There are many companies that promote various pills, elixirs, sprays, or creams that are claimed to contain useful amounts of hGH; they claim that these products are actually taken up by the body through topical, oral, sublingual or nasal administration. One should be skeptical of such claims, as none of the published benefits of injected hGH have been objectively measured with oral tablets, capsules, HGH pills or HGH sprays.

HGH you buy legally is a delicate drug. It is important to understand that genuine HGH is a very large polypeptide hormone--191 amino acids in exact sequence, maintained in a required three-dimensional shape. The only FDA-approved legal sources of safe and accurately produced HGH are those that use recombinant DNA technology that requires elaborate, precise, and monitored methods. HGH, from any other source, even from other animals, simply does not work in humans. Similar animal molecules have been shown to be species-specific and unable to mimic the effect of the human growth hormone molecule; and there is absolutely no naturally occurring plant source of natural HGH.

Legal Human Growth Hormone Injections

HGH Supplements vs Legal Injectable HGH

HGH injections or somatropin shots are the only truly effective way of clinically increasing deficient growth hormone levels. Patients can age better and with authentic HGH treatment look and feel years younger. Healthy aging is possible with real human growth hormone replacement therapy provided under a licensed doctor's close supervision. Get authentic HGH Injections for sale at the lowest price to treat AGHD and improve HGH Levels naturally using the bio-identical hormone, Somatropin, a natural form of the Human Growth Hormone.

Real HGH vs HGH Supplements

Do HGH Pills and Sprays work as well as Prescription Growth Hormone?

HGH pills sold online as anti-aging pills, HGH sprays, HGH liquids, and other GH boosting supplements do not contain real Human Growth Hormone found in the injectable form of the drug and HGH supplements can be purchased from many websites without a doctor's HGH prescription.

HGH Injections are the most direct way of increasing low HGH levels. Injecting HGH into your body via subcutaneous shots is the best way for absorbing Human Growth Hormone into your bloodstream. As the somatropin HGH directly enters into the blood stream, results are immediate versus oral administration that must pass through the stomach and liver where HGH molecules are mostly destroyed. Injectable somatropin, the real HGH, is prescribed for those who have lower than normal HGH levels, clinically known as GHD.

To buy real and legal HGH injections, you must have a prescription from your doctor. If you decide to buy HGH pills instead of real somatropin HGH shots, you should know that what the steroid pill companies are putting in their "HGH boosting supplements" is not genuine growth hormone used by endocrine professional to treat GH deficiency. Once you realize the online HGH supplements you might be buying is not prescription growth hormone, you can better decide if you want to take genuine HGH legally and safely for hormone therapy or not. Read more about the kinds of FDA-approved, authentic HGH injections available for sale. Buy Real HGH Injections.

Legal HGH and How to Get it.

How to know if I am buying legal HGH?

When Real and Legal HGH is prescribed, the vial will state that it is rDNA Somatropin for injection, which is FDA-approved Recombinant Human Growth Hormone, rHGH, GH, Growth Hormone, Somatropin or Somatotropin. The genuine HGH auto-injector pens and cartridges are manufactured by Pfizer (Genotropin), Sandoz (Omnitrope), EMD Merck Bio-Identical HGH (Somatropin), Teva (Tev-Tropin), Genentech, Novo Nordisk (Norditropin) or Eli Lilly (Humatrope). If you need to increase HGH levels for HRT purposes then buying any so called natural HGH pills, sprays or supplements that claim to contain authentic legal HGH or Somatotropin when they are not, will not help you obtain the medically indicated treatment results required. Purchase Legal HGH only from a licensed medical professional and US-based pharmacy.

Real and Legal HGH for Sale in the US

How to Obtain HGH Legally

We are the leading HGH Therapy Experts in the United States, call our hormone center to get legal HGH prescription information. How to obtain HGH Legally

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) licenses and oversees companies that manufacture hGH. They must register and verify their methods and product regarding uniformity of quality, bioavailability, safety, and demonstrated effectiveness. This large protein molecule is unable to penetrate intact membranes to any significant degree, making any spray or oral use of hGH almost completely a waste. The technology to make hGH is patented by large pharmaceutical companies and is restricted by law to their use. It is an expensive manufacturing process, making waste prohibitively expensive. HGH may only be administered via injection by prescription under the supervision of a licensed physician through a licensed clinic or pharmacy.

Given the above requirements, there are several concerns that arise regarding the claims made by non-FDA approved companies that offer HGH products in oral pill or spray forms. Read more about buying real Human Growth Hormone legally and how to get an HGH prescription from your doctor.

Natural HGH for Therapy

Growth Hormone Medical Facts

HGH increases during sleep in a pattern of hormonal bursts as well as during periods of intensive physical exercise. It is a medical fact that most of your natural GH production occurs in these pulses during the night so getting sleep helps you to naturally increase you GH levels.

Intense exercise increases GH levels naturally but it must be intense, not light aerobic in order to the boost your natural hormone levels. Amino acids also slightly help boost natural production but non of these are sufficient when a medically indicated decline or endocrine disorder is the cause of declining hormone levels.

Amino Acids found in many HGH and testosterone pill supplements naturally increase HGH levels. Amino acids like L-arginine, L-glutamine and L-lysine can help boost low HGH levels but in no way compare to somatropin when it comes to significantly and medically increasing low HGH levels. Many HGH anti-aging products promise to work as if they were real prescription growth hormone, promising the same before and after results. Amino acids are essential and healthy supplements to be sure and are also found in many of the HGH weight loss products and Testosterone and HGH body building products sold in vitamins stores and all over the internet.

HGH Anti-Aging Supplements and Pills - real HGH Pills?. Unfortunately, none of these anti-aging supplements have authentic HGH in them and you should always be careful before taking a supplement if you are unsure as to its ingredients and how they might impact your health. Always get the medical facts before taking any product that promises be HGH or testosterone. Read more about HGH Pills for Sale online - Buy HGH Pills Online.

Where can you buy HGH? Learn more about buying real HGH online - Buying Real HGH Online. Read more about real GH therapy in the next section. Also learn how to get testosterone and other androgen hormone steroids for Anropause treatment and TRT Testosterone Replacement Therapy - Buying Testosterone Online

Legal HGH Treatment: Is it Right for Me?

Natural Hormone Replacement with Somatropin may be right for you.

Growth Hormone Therapy: Is it right for you? Natural hormone replacement therapy uses healthier medications containing male and female hormones to replace the ones the body no longer makes after menopause or in men, Andropause. Hormones help treat men with low t symptoms and erectile dysfunction, and women with hot flashes and other menopause symptoms. HGH Therapy also alleviates the symptoms of hormone deficiency such as low libido, excess weight gain, mood swings, insomnia, and depression. Medically prescribed HRT, hormone replacement therapy or hormonal therapy is the use of prescription hormones in medical treatment. Hormones like thyroid, HGH or the Human Growth Hormone, Insulin, Testosterone, Estrogen and Progesterone are used for treatment.

Natural Growth Hormone is Bio-Identical

Our experienced HRT physicians use natural or bio-identical hormones and refer to these treatments as bio-identical hormonal therapy or BHRT. Your physician may also prescribe HCG and some form of testosterone therapy if your androgen levels are also deficient. It is very common for patients to be prescribed HCG and Testosterone along with Human Growth Hormone to treat hormonal imbalance. You can read more about testosterone at Testosterone Injections for TRT

How Legal HGH Injections work.

Human Growth Hormone Supplementation boosts your natural hormone levels to youthful levels. Whether taken by injections or secreted naturally, HGH has a very short half life. The pituitary gland releases human growth hormone into the bloodstream where it only remains for a few minutes. The hormone is absorbed by the liver which causes the liver to release growth factors known as IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor-1) or Somatomaden-C. Because of the hormone's relatively short time circulating in the body, daily injections of Somatropin HGH are usually taken to help otimize or balance deficient hormone levels.

Normal Growth Hormone Levels in Adult men and women

Men and Women have typical levels of HGH depending upon weight and age.

Blood levels of natural growth hormone is typically measured as ng/ml or Nanograms/Milliliter.

Men and women over the age of 30 normally have 115-495 ng/ml;
Men and women over the age of 40 normally have 90-360 ng/ml;
Men and women over the age of 50 normally have 70-290 ng/ml;

Legal HGH Study Results. Well documented HGH studies using real HGH demonstrate that growth hormone replacement with somatropin can benefit men and women over the age of 60 with very low hormone levels. The mean plasma IGF-I level rose into the youthful range of 500 to 1500 U per liter during treatment... The administration of human growth hormone injections for six months was accompanied by an 8.8 percent increase in lean body mass, a 14.4 percent decrease in adipose-tissue mass, and a 1.6 percent increase in average lumbar vertebral bone density... Skin thickness increased 7.1 percent... Read more about the Before and After Effects of using genuine legal human growth hormone - Before and After Effects of Using HGH

Legal HGH Therapy Cost

How much does Legal Growth Hormone Cost?

The price for Legal Human Growth Hormone Injections starts at about $600 per month and can cost over $3000 per month for patients requiring large daily doses. Hormone clinics that specialize in Legal HGH and Testosterone hormonal replacement therapy prescribe real Somatropin which is a very expensive drug. The FDA-approved prescription hormones are not cheap and they are not sold without a doctor's prescription. The most popular brands of HGH for sale are Pfizer Genotropin and Genotropin Miniquick, Sandoz Omnitrope, Novo Nordisk Norditropin, EMD Merck Bio-Identical HGH Somatropin and Bio-Identical Somatropin, Eli Lilly Humatrope and Genentech Nutropin. Each of these top brand name somatropin suppliers have auti-injection HGH pen devices and somatropin delivery systems to make taking you hormone drug shots more conveneient and easy. Contact our Anti-Aging Treatment Center for information on testosterone and HGH program dsicounts and specials.

Brand Name Legal HGH

Below are Listed the Most Common FDA-Approved Legal HGH Injections

Genotropin HGH Injections - Genotropin Orders Online

Norditropin HGH Injections - Norditropin Orders Online

Omnitrope HGH Injections - Omnitrope Orders Online

Somatropin HGH Injections - Somatropin Orders Online

Humatrope HGH Injections - Humatrope Orders Online

Help Ordering Legal HGH - Help Ordering HGH

Purchase Legal HGH Online - HGH Online Sales

Using Real HGH with Real Testosterone

Using Growth Hormone Therapy with Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone is a complementary hormone treatment to human growth hormone and both can enhance the results and positive effects of each other. You can read more about how to get a testosterone prescription online in the how to get a testosterone prescription online Get a medical consultation from one of our leading endocrine specialists nationwide. To get answers to more HGH questions and to see before and after results of using HGH, visit our Human Growth Hormone Therapy Physician's Consultation.

Legitimate ways to purchase Injectable HGH

This section discussed where to buy HGH legally for Growth Hormone Therapy to keep yourself safe and promote healthy aging. Once you have a prescription to buy real Human growth Hormone, finding where to buy legal HGH Human Growth Hormone (or HGH) is a hormone that stimulates growth, cellular reproduction and renewal, in both humans and animals. HGH is produced in the pituitary gland, and is a natural way of regulating growth, fat metabolism and sugar levels in humans.

HGH works in conjunction with collagen (a protein that makes up nearly 30% of the protein content in the human body) to maintain the bodies skin and muscle composition. The trouble is, as you get older, your body will produce less HGH and collagen. This is where HGH supplements come in, by boosting your bodies HGH levels.

How Do HGH Injections Work?

Even though proponents of HGH swear by its rejuvenating results, the hormone hasn’t been studied that much, particularly in supplement form (most studies focused on HGH injections). And in many countries Medical practices have used it for many years in treating children who suffer from atypical growth problems, In some cases it is also used to help control blood sugar in diabetic patients, but even as the use of HGH injections and supplements rises among athletes and celebrities, its legal status remains rather unclear in many countries. In fact, HGH treatments are only legal when they are prescribed by a doctor, and it’s illegal to dispense HGH for any reasons other than medical use, though you can obtain supplements, as most use a synthetic, and legal version of the hormone.

Weight loss is another reported benefit that people seek with the use of HGH. A study conducted in 1990, which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, suggested that HGH injections led to both weight loss, bone strength and muscle gain. Clinical results of the HGH weight loss study seem fairly conclusive in favor of reports of positive results and is good news for those who are obese looking for treatment options. This weight loss HGH study was backed up when results of a 2012 a double-blind study conducted on a supplement called Sero-Vital-hgh® and featured on the Dr. Oz showed that a certain group of amino acids could actually encourage the body's natural production of naturally occurring HGH, which in turn could provide patients an effective alternative in addition to injecting HGH directly into the body. Both male and female patients were given a particular mix of amino acids which helped slightly increase their levels of natural HGH. The study also demonstrated that if a patient had very low levels to begin with, amino acids alone were limited in their ability to treat a genuine growth hormone deficiency. So although, the patients experienced increased metabolism and increased endurance, the only effective means of treating AGHD is with the injectable form of HGH or somatropin..

Facts About Human Growth Hormone

Important Facts about HGH

HGH taken in childhood and adolescence has the ability to boost the body’s growth during the stage of puberty. HGH has a number of medical health benefits for adults which include improving the immune system, increasing energy, improving sleep and mood, burning fat, strengthening bones and increasing lean muscle mass. The HGH levels in your body decrease as you age since which can lead to age-related health problems and illness because the body loses a protective healing agent instrumental in body, tissue and organ maintenance and repair.

Medical Research on Legal HGH Use

Medical research shows that there are many beneficial health effects as a result of using the Human Growth Hormone, which include;

  • Increased skin thickening and elasticity
  • Smoothing wrinkled skin and better texture
  • Improved healing rates and immune system
  • Increased muscle mass and muscle tone
  • Increased libido and sexual potency
  • Reduced adipose belly fat and obesity
  • Increased bone density and mineralization
  • Improved cholesterol profile (Increased HDL/decreased LDL)
  • Improved ability to exercise and recover from workouts
  • Boost low energy levels and increased endurance
  • Improved mood and general sense of well being

Using Growth Hormone Safely

Side Effects of HGH - Huma Growth Hormone

Physician supervised low dose HGH therapy has proven to be relatively safe. General side effects for HGH when larger than normal doses are taken or abused include: metabolic dysfunction, insulin resistance or diabetes in certain individuals; edema or water retention and swelling; carpal tunnel syndrome; muscle, joint and bone pain; high blood pressure; acromegally or abnormal growth of organs and limbs; accelerated osteoarthritis. Since high doses of HGH stimulates excessive IGF-1 secretion, development of glucose intolerance and other side effects linked with excess levels of IGF-1 could occur in individuals abusing growth hormone.

Legal HGH Online

Is it Legal To Buy HGH Online?

It is legal to buy Human Growth Hormone for hormone therapy to treat endocrine disorders. It is not legal to obtain HGH without a prescription from your doctor. It is not approved solely as a performance-enhancing drug, for weight loss or for bodybuilding, and although it is banned by the Olympics and in professional sports, it is widely used and abused by bodybuilders, weight-lifters, fitness and power sports enthusiasts. You can find HGH online without a prescription all over the internet from anabolic steroid pill companies and HGH supplement websites.

Somatropin Legal Growth Hormone

Buying HGH - Somatropin, The Real Growth Hormone Therapy

Buying HGH Boosting Supplements. Many claim that the best way to buy HGH supplements is by purchasing somatropin online. There are several online pharmacies selling various over-the-counter HGH supplements without a prescription which are not genuine Growth Hormone products that require a doctor's prescription. What is mostly sold by online pharmacies are anti-aging HGH supplements containing amino acids not requiring a prescription. These HGH Boosters are not designed to be utilized as a prescription drug supplement. Therefore, buying HGH online from an online pharmacy or HGH supplement supplier is not your best option, especially since they provide HRT patients with misleading infomation regarding the effectiveness of non-prescription HGH products. There are, however, several medical websites that allow you to buy HGH legally online, especially for legal prescription refills of growth hormone.

Shopping Online for Legal HGH

The good thing about shopping online for HGH is that you can learn about the types of somatropin and bio-identical growth hormone products used by physicians available on the market. On the other hand many anabolic steroid websites and HGH suppliers from overseas including Mexico, Canada, Europe and China offer cheap HGH for sale which are illegal to buy online. Your online HGH buying experience should be a safe one, so only order injectable prescription growth hormone from licensed medical doctors and [harmacies in the United States that sell FDa-Approved brand name somatropin HGH.

Beware of Anabolic Steroid Websites selling HGH pills, fake HGH injections, HGH sprays and powders. For instance, an anabolic steroid website can provide you many kinds of so-called HGH products from injectables, spray to pills. These HGH pill websites even advertise in Google Search, Bing and Yahoo ads to make patients think they are selling legitimate testosterone and HGH products.

Make sure when researching and shopping for human growth hormone online that the items that you want to purchase are authentic growth hormone. When looking for discount prices for human growth hormone, avoid the phrases cheap HGH, genuine Growth Hormone is not cheap. Review carefully the various HGH products you have to choose from. Many Anti-Aging, Naturopath and Pharmaceutical Drug websites offer highly useful and comprehensive information about legal HGH products. Many HGH manufacturer's provide you with information like Physician HGH Prescribing Information, HGH Product Reviews, Proper HGH Dosages, as well as instructions on how to inject somatropin. If you have any questions on how to obtain HGH legally or need information for a certain somatropin product, want to learn more about HGH benefits and treatment results, or how to buy human growth hormone online, contact one of Hormone Specialists.

Buying HGH Safely Online

Security in Online Transactions

When purchasing HGH in the online world, always ensure your security. Foremost is your financial information's safety and the transaction when purchasing growth hormone products online. Some sites that sell HGH items in reality are phishing sites and don;t have US based phone numbers or 1-800 doctor's medical office contact phone numbers. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that the website is legitimate HGH medical office and not an anabolic steroid pill website. There is also risk in carrying out online transactions especially on the overseas HGH pill and Testosterone supplier websites found all over the internet. Check the IP of the HGH website to make sure it is based in the United States. To ensure your health and safety, only buy HGH or testosterone medications from licensed US physicians and pharmacies It is illegal to buy HGH online from an importer who claims you can buy real HGH or real testosterone whithout a prescription which 100% of the anabolic steoid websites claim you can do. It is only legal to buy genuine Human Growth Hormone for sale with a valid doctor's prescription for HGH Therapy.Prescription HGH Online

HGH Safety in the Items that You Purchase Online

Even if you are pretty certain that you are obtaining your growth hormone or testosterone hormone steroid medications from a trusted source, you still need to make certain that they are indeed selling genuine HGH and real testosterone used for the treatment of hormonal imbalance or deficiency. Some US based HGH and testosterone clinics use marketing techniques to convince you that you are buying real HGH, when you are really purchasing are amino acid supplement pills. the same is true with testosterone for sale online. Many steroid pill resellers claim you are getting genuine testosterone, when in reality the product for sale is nothing more than an amino acid testosterone booster pill you could buy for much less at your local viatmin shop or health store. Anabolic steroid pill sellers are famous for selling fake human growth hormone pills with all kinds of fillers that do nothing to increase your natural HGH levels. Only authentic injectable HGH or injectable HGH releasing agents and peptides such as Sermorelin Acetate can provide you with the HGH boosting results and effects you can expect when taking real legal Human Growth Hormone therapy.

Real Growth Hormone Order Process

How to Purchase HGH the Right Way

In purchasing HGH products, the very first thing you have to do is consult an experienced, licensed physician who has years of Hormone Replacement Therapy or Anti-Aging Medicine experience. Patients with HGH insufficiency (AGHD) may experience symptoms such as joint and muscle pain and swelling of the arms and legs.You also may need to obtain a prescription from your doctor. Since most HGH supplements are not legalized by the FDA, you have to obtain a prescription of this hormone from the doctor. This will provide you full access to injectable forms which can correct any human growth hormone imbalances in your body. Using the proper steps to obtain growth hormone therapy, you can buy HGH online. Your doctor's prescription will allow you to order the product legally.

Is HGH Therapy Covered by Insurance

HGH Therapy Insurance Coverage. Most insurance compnaies don't cover HGH Treatment, however the doctor can provide the codes used by the laboratory, pharmacy or drugstore, and you can fax the prescription copy to your insurance company to inquire abour reimbursement. It is no guarantee even if you have prescription drug insurance, and you fax a copy to your insurance company for billing purposes that you will be reimbursed. To see if the HGH drug medication is covered, you can call your insurance company and find out.

What if you don't have an HGH prescription to buy HGH?

Legitimate HGH Sales - Do not try to buy real HGH without a prescription. Legitimate doctors and pharmacies would never sell authentic HGH without a valid prescription, especially in the United States. Get your hormone levels tested and buy HGH the right and legal way. If you find the cost of a real HGH Treatment Program is too expensive, many of the brand name HGH manufacturers have growth hormone sales and prescription assistance programs. Ask you endocrinologist about the different HGH Discount Programs available. Prescription-grade medical HGH can cost anywhere from $100 to $200 for just a single injection, and complete legal GH treatment programs can cost $6,000 to $10,000 per year. Our Age Management Physicians and hormone replacement specialists can explain to you the best way get a legal prescription for HGH and instruct you on how to purchase authentic HGH online the proper and safe way.

HGH is only approved for a medically indicated purpose such as GHD even though the human growth hormone has a positive effect on athletic performance, weight loss and building muscle mass.

The Human Growth Hormone is a substance which is occurring naturally in the body. The pituitary gland is the one that produces endogenous HGH in the body, that's why the first real HGH was actually obtained from the bodies of cadavers. HGH was extracted from dead bodies pituitary glands, which represented quite a big risk for the patients. With the new bio-technical r-DNA Somatropin, the risks were all but eliminated making bio-identical HGH safe to use for AGHD.

How to Get Legal HGH

Prescription HGH vs non-Prescription HGH. There are many forms of human growth hormone (HGH) available for sale both online and offline and it is confusing when a website state that some HGH products no longer need the prescription of a medical doctor. A prescription is always required to obtain pharmaceutical grade Human Growth Hormone. Although the legality of HGH use for bodybuilding and athletics is still in question, there are patients with a documented medical need who can use authentic prescription growth hormone without having to worry about its legality.

Some Age Management Physicians, Naturopaths, and even some Endocrine specialists prescribe the human growth hormone as the best solutions for those who want to slow down the aging process. But before you decide to start a treatment, read some information about HGH and what this hormone can do in anti-aging treatments. As you maybe already know, natural HGH is produced by the pituitary gland which is situated at the base of the brain. Its main role is to fuels childhood growth and to help maintain and repair organs and tissues throughout life.

After the age of 40, in middle age, the pituitary gland gradually reduces the amount of endogenous growth hormone it produces. This natural decline, may require the use of bio-identical HGH to prevent the ill effects of hormonal imbalance in aging adults including menopausal symptoms in women and Andropausal symptoms in men.

HGH and Aging Adults

Aging and Human Growth Hormone

HGH and Aging. HGH, like many other hormones such as DHEA, estrogen, melatonin and testosterone, decrease as you age. As you get older, the HGH level gets lower until your body no longer has sufficient hormone to repair and maintain itself as it did in your youth. Many Age Management Physicians and Anti-Aging Doctors actually beleive we age because our hormone levels decline below healthful levels.

While Growth Hormone decline (and testosterone decline), is a natural part of aging, the illness and disease associated with hormone decline can be treated, prevented and even reversed with proper HGH and testosterone supplementation. Since testosterone, HGH and estrogen play important roles in helping combat the aging process, HRT is becoming more acceptable for AGHD along with other anti-aging treatments. There are many studies showing a correlation between your testosterone and HGH levels, longevity and combating the effects of aging. Even if testosterone and HGH effects are medically proven to be beneficial, you still need to talk to your doctor before starting a treatment regimen using real growth hormone or testosterone to ensure you are a good candidate for bio-identical HRT. If you qualify for HRT, buying real HGH legally and safely becomes your main medical concern.

Legal HGH Brands

Types of Legal HGH

The most common and effective form of HGH is the injectable form of growth hormone, but HGH is also available as pills and liquid sprays which are much less effective.


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Real and Legal Human Growth Hormone
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