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Can HGH help prevent, slow down or reverse Aging?

Healthy Aging is Possible. Learn How.

Aging is definitely a dreaded word for many people, especially those hitting the middle age mark. When you're close to 40, you begin to feel like as if your body is no longer at the level it used to be. You might assume you are in tip-top shape overall, jog a few times a week, go to the gym and eat well - but slowly you will definitely feel, and see, the insidious effects of aging taking shape.

Sudden weight gain around the belly, loss of libido, soft erections in men, vaginal dryness in women, flabby muscles, sheer exhaustion, inability to sleep, wrinkles, dry and graying hair.

What is there to do about the situation? Can you do anything about aging? Although growing old is a part of life, there is no reason why we humans must accept aging hands down. But here is the keyword for living a long life: QUALITY - it must have quality as well. There is no point in living longer if you're going to be wasting away in a nursing home, with barely a working mind or memory, and with eyesight that can hardly see beyond the newspaper you're holding.

Healthy Aging with Human Growth Hormone

Healthy Aging can be Achieved: Men and Women Over 50 can Age Well and Fight the Signs and Symptoms of Aging with Natural HGH Therapy

Healthy aging is a hot topic! America is aging and men and women are concerned about weight gain, loss of sex drive, chronic diseases, muscle loss, bone loss, and a multitude of other health problems caused by hormone decline or imbalance.

The key to healthy aging is a holistic approach to anti-aging - combining a healthy lifestyle, healthy diet eating healthy foods, proper exercise and hormone optimization or HRT (Hormone Replacement) whether it be testosterone, HGH, DHEA, thyroid, melatonin, estrogen or progesterone.

Weight loss management, stress management and increased physical activity as part of your daily routine can go a long way toward promoting healthy aging. An increased interest in healthy aging has lead many aging men and women to consider a variety of anti-aging therapies including nutrition planning, anti-aging supplements and treatments that help prevent premature aging and even reverse the aging process.

This is why the discovery of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and its role in the human body - has so much significance. HGH is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland. Although HGH was discovered a long time ago, it only got mainstream attention when a doctor named Daniel Rudman published the results of his findings in the New England Journal in 1990. He tested HGH on a group of elderly men and compared the positive changes with a test control group that did not receive HGH. Ever since then, other medical researchers have followed up on HGH research, and have confirmed that HGH is one of the most viable anti aging substances known to man.

HGH was originally meant to be administered only to children with growth difficulties, but it soon became apparent that elderly people needed it, and before long, middle aged people as well. Even so, a long time elapsed before pharmaceutical companies could learn how to manufacture HGH synthetically. Due to manufacturing costs, HGH is expensive to procure and legally obtain even till today, but maNY City under the counter transactions take place due to high demand. Athletes comprise a large segment of HGH users, but it is them that have given the hormone a bad name due to cases of abuse, all for the purpose of gaining a performance advantage.



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