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Human Growth Hormone

Bio-Identical HGH Therapy with Somatropin

• Increase energy and vitality
• Build lean muscle mass
• Reduce weight and body fat
• Reduce stress and anxiety
• Increase your sexual desire
• Enhance sexual performance
• Enhance your immune system
• Increase strength and stamina
• Enhance cardiovascular health
• Strengthen bones & density
• Lower your high blood pressure
• Smooth wrinkles and cellulite
• Improve memory, focus and mood
• Faster metabolism & fat burning
• Improve Cholesterol HDL/LDL profile

Somatropin Injections HGH Injections and HGH Prescriptions

Staying Younger Longer with HGH

Andropause, Menopause - Aging, Middle Age and HGH Replacement. How Growth Hormone can help Adults with Hormone Deficiency.

Most people think of HGH as the Youth Drug or the miraculous treatment for children with dwarfism, which over the past 40 years has saved tens of thousands from debilitating health conditions. The next great benefit of HGH therapy appears to be in the aging American population. Adult men and women with age-related deficiency of HGH become overweight, flabby, frail, and lethargic; lose interest in sex; have trouble sleeping, concentrating, and remembering things; tire easily; experience hot flashes and night sweats; lose their hair, and in general, lose their zest for life. With HGH, all these so-called signs of aging can be slowed down or even reversed.

Indeed, nearly 20,000 clinical studies document the broad benefits of pharmacological HGH therapy using the Bio-Identical Hormone, Somatropin - produced using rDNA technology. These studies suggest a wide range of positive effects when HGH is replaced.

HGH is a FDA-approved drug. In August 1996, the FDA approved HGH for use in adult patients. Before this, it was authorized only for use to promote growth in HGH-deficient children. The new indication is somatotropin (growth hormone) deficiency syndrome (SDS), resulting from pituitary disease, hypothalamic disease, surgery, radiation therapy, or injury.

In effect, the FDA approval covers the use of HGH for anti-aging purposes since low levels of HGH or IGF-1 indicate a failure of the pituitary to release adequate amounts of this vital substance. In addition, the signs of SDS, such as decreased physical mobility, lower energy, and higher risk of cardiovascular disease, are exactly the same as those seen in aging adults with low HGH levels. The FDA approval for HGH in adults means that any physician may now prescribe it to their HGH-deficient aging patients without fear of practicing outside of conventional orthodox mainstream medicine.

Today, HGH is made in the laboratory by genetic engineering methods, generating an identical protein to the one made naturally in the human body, known as a Bio-Identical Hormone. For this reason, allergic reactions to the Growth Hormone drug Somatropin are rare, and it is extremely safe for human use. HGH injections are similar to that of insulin-very small needles deliver HGH subcutaneously (under the skin). Most people find it easy to do and even less painful than a pinprick. While different doctors use different dose regimens, the usual recommendation is between 2 and 8 IUs per week (1 milligram equals 3 IUs, or international units).

Many specialists in anti-aging endocrinology are now dividing daily doses into two per day, one in the morning and one at night, to more closely approximate the way HGH is released in the body. The idea is to raise the levels of IGF-1 (IGF-1, a byproduct of HGH, is the substance often analyzed to determine correct dosage of HGH supplementation) to about where it was at age thirty to forty, which for most people is in the high 200s to low 300s. Read more about Growth Hormone Treatment - HGH Therapy.

HGH Therapy Results

• reduced body fat
• increased muscle mass
• higher energy levels
• enhanced sexual performance
• regrowth of vital organs
• restoration of immune function
• stronger bones
• better mental focus
• lower cholesterol
• improved blood pressure
• faster wound healing
• smoother, firmer skin
• regrowth of hair
• sharper vision
• elevated mood
• improved cognition

HGH and Aging

Aging is a dreaded word for many people, especially those hitting the middle age mark. When you're close to 40, you begin to feel as if your body is no longer performing at the level it used to. You might be in tip-top shape overall, jog and work out a few times a week, eat well, take vitamins - but with time you will definitely feel and see the insidious effects of aging taking shape. What else can you do about aging? Can you really do anything serious about preventing premature aging? Yes, hormone optimization can help, especially for those men and women experiencing symptoms due to hormone decline or imbalance.

Although growing old is a part of life, there is no reason why you must accept aging without putting up a fight. There are things you can do to live a longer life and better quality of life. There is no point in living longer if you're going to be wasting away in a nursing home, unable to walk, with barely a working mind or memory, with poor vision that can hardly see beyond the newspaper you're holding.

This is why the discovery of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and its role in the human body - has so much significance for aging. It can prevent and even reverse many age related signs and symptoms. With a doctor's prescription, you can enjoy the benefits of HGH! To get more HGH treatment info and pricing, fill out the Quick Info Form.

HGH is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland. Although HGH was discovered a long time ago, it only got mainstream attention when a doctor named Daniel Rudman published the results of his findings in the New England Journal in 1990. He tested HGH on a group of elderly men and compared the positive changes with a test control group that did not receive HGH. Ever since, other medical researchers have followed up on HGH research, and have confirmed that HGH is one of the most viable anti-aging substances known to man. Read more about the Human Growth Hormone and Aging.

Although HGH injections are not prescribed specifically for anti-aging purposes, the benefits of HGH Treatment include alleviating many of the signs and symptoms of aging. For this reason, many Age Management Physicians, Hormone Specialists and Anti-Aging Medicine Doctors take a holistic approach to aging including in their hormone replacment protocols, exercise, diet, nutrition, weight loss and stress management.

HGH was originally meant to be administered only to children with growth difficulties, but it soon became apparent that elderly people needed it, and before long, middle aged people as well.

Both men and women experience a decline in HGH levels as they age and during menopause and andropause (the male menopause), HGH levels are so low the deficiency causes adverse health symptoms that can only be treated with growth hormone replacement therapy.

Even so, a long time elapsed before pharmaceutical companies could learn how to manufacture HGH synthetically. Due to manufacturing costs, HGH is expensive to procure and legally obtain even till today, but many under the counter transactions take place due to high demand. Athletes and bodybuilders comprise a large segment of HGH users, but it is them that have given the hormone a bad name due to many cases of HGH abuse, all for the purpose of gaining a performance advantage and building bigger muscles.

Benefits of using Human Growth Hormone

HGH Therapy Uses

  • HGH Accelerates Wound Healing
  • HGH Improves Bone Density
  • HGH Improves Cardiac Functions
  • HGH Improves Mental Health
  • HGH Improves Mood
  • HGH Improves Sleep
  • HGH Increases Energy Levels
  • HGH Helps Manage Diabetes
  • HGH Treats Crohns Disease
  • HGH Increases Exercise Capacity
  • HGH Increases Height
  • HGH Increases Muscle Mass
  • HGH Increases Sexual Performance
  • HGH Lowers Blood Pressure
  • HGH Lowers Cholesterol Levels
  • HGH Boosts Immunity
  • HGH Improves Memory
  • HGH Promotes Hair Growth
  • HGH Promotes Weight Loss
  • HGH Reduces Cellulite
  • HGH Reduces Wrinkles
  • HGH Reverses The Skins Signs Of Aging
  • HGH Slows Aging
  • HGH Helps in Organ Restoration
  • HGH Improves Vision

Low HGH Levels and their Effects

How does declining HGH effect your mind and body?

HGH declines with age and is directly associated with many of the symptoms of aging, including: cardiovascular disease, increased body fat, osteoporosis, wrinkling, gray hair, decreased energy, reduced sexual function, impaired physical performance (muscle tone and strength), psychosocial deficits, poor sleep and others. Many of these hgh deficiency symptoms have also been found in younger adults who have hormone deficiency.

Most importantly, recent medical research has clearly demonstrated that by increasing growth hormone production, we can significantly eliminate the above symptoms, reversing the biological effects of aging

HGH replacement therapy does what no other weight loss program does - it uses fat for fuel helping to recontour the body - melting away fat and building muscle. Combine this with the added benefit of looking 10 to 20 years younger and you have the ultimate weight loss formulation.

The best part of hgh replacement therapy is that the greatest loss occurs in deep belly fat known as adipose fat, the area that is one of the biggest problems for aging men and women.

In every medical HGH research study of HGH pituitary deficient adults, as well as aging "normal" people, hgh growth hormone replacement therapy reduced body fat and increased lean body mass.

How does Human Growth Hormone Function in the body?

A key component is the HGH Cycle. It is important to know that hgh cycles throughout the day in pulses. As hgh cycles it is primarily released in a pulsating fashion especially during sleep, with serum concentrations generally lowest in the early morning and highest overnight during sleep stages III and IV. Human Growth Hormone is quickly converted by the liver into IGF-1 (also referred to as growth promoting metabolite somatomedin C), and then circulated throughout the body. IGF-1 is the factor that is measured in the blood in order to determine the level of human growth hormone secretion. In order to qualify for HRT with HGH, patients must first have an HGH Lab Test. Learn more about HGH Lab Testing.

A critical concept in understanding human growth hormone deficiency is that it has two distinct types of effects:

Direct Effects are the result of human growth hormones binding its receptors on target cells. Fat cells for example, have growth hormone receptors, and growth hormone stimulates them to break down triglycerides and suppresses their ability to take up and accumulate circulating lipids.

Indirect Effects are mediated primarily by "Insulin-like Growth Factor" (IGF-1), a hormone that is secreted from the liver and other tissues in response to human growth hormones. A majority of the effects of human growth hormones is actually due to IGF-1 acting on target cells.

Recent hgh research has revealed that the aging pituitary cells can still secrete as much growth hormones as someone in their 20's if they are adequately stimulated. This astounding discovery is the basis of homeopathic HGH releasers and HGH releaser supplements, and the second type of prescription hgh that is in the process of being developed. These alternative methods to HGH prescription injections act to stimulate the pituitary to release the human growth hormone, which is actually still produced by our bodies as we age. These types of HGH research therapies are not based on pumping the body up with synthetic Human Growth Hormone, but with releasing human growth hormone from its dormant state in the pituitary gland itself. Read more about the different types of Human Growth Hormone used in HGH Therapy Programs - HGH Treatment Options

HGH Hormone Therapy and Anti-Aging Treatment Consultation

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Somatropin Proper Uses

Hormone Doctors will not prescribe HGH for athletes' use of HGH, or for bodybuilders, or as a physical and performance enhancement drug. Growth Horone may only leaglly be prescribed in the United States for therapeutic purposes only. It is legal to buy HGH only with a valid prescription from a doctor for hormone replacement therapy or other endocrine disorder. Read more about buying HGH legally.

Somatropin, or recombinant human growth hormone (HGH), is a common physical and performance enhancement drug. It is a manufactured form of somatotropin, or growth hormone (GH), a substance that is produced naturally in the human body. Somatropin is an exact replica of natural GH.

There are three major effects of HGH that are desirable for bodybuilders and athletes. First, HGH promotes the development of new muscle cells. A person's number of muscle cells is determined by genetics. After puberty, the level of GH a person's body secretes declines, and muscle cell development ceases. A person can then only work to increase the size of these cells through weight training.

Steroids are different from HGH in that steroids increase the size of muscle cells, mostly through water weight. When a person uses HGH as a performance enhancement drug, they gain only lean muscle mass. The weight gain is slow, usually between one and two pounds of lean muscle every two to three weeks. However, by taking HGH and developing new muscle cells, a person can alter their genetic capabilities and achieve results that wouldn't be possible without HGH treatment. The second desired effect of HGH treatment is increased energy and metabolism. GH is produced in the human body naturally at its highest levels during youth and puberty. It is primarily responsible for the heightened levels of energy in children. However, the amount of GH that a body produces and secretes declines as a person ages.

Supplementing HGH can raise your energy levels and metabolism. It can help you to feel more energized, able to better exercise and burn fat. In fact, HGH is a precursor to IGF-1; IGF-1 secretion is caused by HGH secretion. IGF-1 forces your body to seek energy from your fat reserves rather than from the food you consume. This results in significant weight loss even in inactive periods.

The third desired effect of HGH treatment is that it shortens the amount of time needed for recovery between workouts. It can strengthen joints and ligaments and heal damaged tissue. Additionally, because it is a natural substance, it is not as easily detected as other performance-enhancing drugs.

As a pharmaceutical drug, HGH is used for many different conditions, including GH deficiency or Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (AGHD). It is prescribed by endocrinologists most often for children who suffer with growth retardation or deficiency. For this purpose, HGH treatment is FDA-approved. However, HGH is not FDA-approved as a performance or physical enhancement drug in adults. Therefore, persons seeking to use HGH for these purposes must purchase HGH on the black market.

There are some things to remember when choosing a black-market HGH drug. First, oral and nasal forms of HGH have not been proven to be effective methods of treatment in medical studies. HGH must be taken intravenously in order to cause desired effects. It is most often purchased in lyophilized powder form, and it must be mixed with distilled water prior to injection. Once mixed, HGH must be kept refrigerated.

Second, the only effective means of manufacturing HGH is by protein secretion or mouse-cell technology. These methods create HGH that is identical to naturally-produced GH. If manufactured HGH isn't identical to natural GH, it is not effective. Another common method of HGH manufacture is through inclusion-body technology. Inclusion-body technology does not produce a product identical to natural GH.

The third thing to watch out for when purchasing HGH is a form of HGH called cadaver-GH. This is a primitive method of HGH treatment in which GH is taken from the pancreas of a cadaver. In addition to causing Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, cadaver-GH can cause the transference of many diseases.

Best Type of HGH to Buy

HGH Pills vs Injectable HGH

To get the potential health benefits from human growth hormone, you must take the injectable form of HGH or rDNA somatropin. HGH pills and GH supplements sold online do not contain real HGH, and although may help to boost hormone levels slightly, pills and sprays are simply not effective at increasing low growth hormone levels due to a genuine hormonal deficiency. To read more about real HGH, visit the page discussing Real HGH Injections. When you want to know where to buy real HGH injections for bio-identical GH replacement therapy, you need to get the correct information of the prescription requirements as well as the legal way of obtaining HGH injections whether you purchase them directly from our hormone treatment center or online. Our local endocrine professionals can answer if hormone therapy is right for you, how to get growth hormone prescribed, what are the best brands of injectable HGH, buying somatropin and how much does an HGH prescription cost? Read more about HGH side effects and risks below.

HGH Side Effects

While there are some potential side effects of HGH treatment, they are rare. Most often, these side effects are caused by using HGH for longer than recommended in larger-than-recommended dosages. These include edema or water retention, swelling, numbness, tingling, headache, hypoglycemia, aromeglia, extended belly, carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle and joint pain. Most HGH side effects can be alleviated by adjusting the dosage or stopping your therapy until symptoms subside. For your health and safety, the most important consideration is that if you need to purchase somatropin or GH injections, you order through a licensed medical practitioner and take your shots according to the prescribed dosage for your treatment. Legal HGH Prescriptions Online. Contact one of our endocrine hormone specialists to discuss how you can buy injectable somatropin safely with legal hgh prescriptions online.

HGH Myths and Facts

There's a common myth surrounding HGH use that claims that people who use HGH have abnormal bone growth. This is not true. After puberty, the ends of long bones fuse and are no longer able to grow. In adults growth hormone helps to maintain and repair muscle and bone tissue, and it is its ability to promote healing, cell regeneration and build new muscle that makes this hormone beneficial. You can read more about the effect of using injectable HGH at Before and After HGH Results The reason many people seek out somatropin, HCG and testosterone is because these hormones affect the body's metabolism, fat distribution, libido, muscle strength and growth. Alleviating symtoms of andropause and menopause like hot flashes, low energy, sleep disturbance, loss of sex drive and mood swings is a major reason patients visit their doctor and ask about the use of HGH treatments.

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