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Are you a Middle Aged Man or Women? How to know if you need HGH.


HGH production in the body declines after full adulthood is reached, but the decline is slow at first, and only becomes much more apparent around the ages of 35 to 40. What causes the pituitary to lessen HGH output is still not very understood, but the decline of HGH levels contributes a great deal towards the aging process.

So how do you determine if you need HGH? Well, your age and overall health are the factors here. If you're young and still growing, you do not need HGH. But, if you're over 40 years of age, and you are beginning to see wrinkles, graying hair, fatigue, and declining memory among other aging symptoms, supplementing your HGH levels will most likely help a lot. But, please consult a qualified doctor before beginning on a program, because the growth hormone is a very influential hormone with widespread downstream effects on the body. Also, bear in mind that HGH injections are expensive to legally obtain, and a years treatment costs many thousands of dollars.

Signs you may need Growth Hormone Replacement

If you are an older man or women and have trouble sleeping combined with feeling tired all day or extremely fatigued all the time, then your Human Growth Hormone levels may be lower than normal. Hormone Replacement Physicians and endocrinologists use HGH Blood Testin to measure low growth hormone levels and the HGH lab test is quick and easy. If your lab results reflect low IGF-1 levels, then your endocrinologist may prescribe HGH replacement using bio-identical somatropin or natural Growth Hormone Therapy.

Another case for needing HGH supplementation is if you have a passive pituitary gland. This can be determined by undergoing a thorough medical checkup with emphasis on IGF-1, which is a biomarker for HGH. Some people are born with a "lazy" pituitary gland, and if this is the case, than your doctor may well recommend a specific HGH program for you.

You may want to try out an alternative form of raising your growth hormone levels. Rather than obtain the hormone directly, try a HGH releaser like Sermorelin Acetate instead. These releasers stimulate the pituitary gland to release more growth hormone, and therefore, is a much more natural, and safer alternative to injecting yourself with the growth hormone itself. HGH releasers have been proven to raise HGH levels, albeit without the associated risks of HGH injections. Risks such as carpal tunnel syndrome, acromegaly and some forms of cancer are among the health risks identified so far with excessive, direct, HGH administration.

HGH Anti-Aging Therapy Potential

How much potential is there in HGH? The awareness that you can do something about your aging is growing, and it is likely that in future, we may see more news and research directed at anti aging, and the close role that HGH plays in it. If used in a strictly controlled manner, there is no reason why HGH cannot slow down, or even reverse the ever growing tide of aging. HGH gives everyone hope that aging can indeed be brought under much greater control, and that the quality of life can still be maintained, even throughout the advanced years of the human lifespan.



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