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With over 25,000 Patients Nationwide, Cenegenics® Trained Hormone Specialists and Mayo Clinic® Trained Physicians, we can offer you the best possible HGH Therapy prices and hormone treatment support.

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HGH Therapy Cost

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HGH Treatment Costs.

What is the cost of HGH? When looking for HGH Injections for sale online, therapeutic growth hormone can be expensive but there are many affordable options you can choose from. While FDA-Approved HGH is the best quality, you can purchase quality Injectable Somatropin at the lowest prices if you select the right hormone treatment center.

Buying FDA-Approved HGH at the best price. Purchase Genotropin, Omnitrope, Humatrope, Norditropin, MiniQuick and other growth hormone products from US Pharmacies, Age Management Physicians and Anti-Aging Treatment Clinics for Hormone Replacement Therapy.

HGH Injections Cost

What is HGH Injections Cost? The quick answer is between $500 to $1,500 per month or more for the average hormone replacement patient. For many patients with low growth hormone levels, the cost can easily be $800 to $3,000 per month depending upon the type of HGH they buy. However, keep in mind that there are many HGH discount programs and HGH Therapy patient assistance programs that can help offset the cost of HGH.

Do I need the injectable form for treatment? While growth hormone is offered for sale in a variety of forms, clinical use has proven that it is injectable Somatropin that is the most effective form of HGH Therapy. However, it is also the most expensive hormone treatment drug available for sale. The cost of this type of replacement therapy ranges from $800 to $3,500 dollars per month depending on the dose needed and the HGH brand name prescribed for Bio-Identical HRT.

Which brands of HGH sold in the USA are the most expensive? Eli Lilly makes Humatrope® and the Humatrope price as well as the HumatroPen® Somatropin delivery device is one of the most expensive growth hormones on the market. Pfizer makes Genotropin® and it is typically the next most expensive HGH in regards to Somatropin cost. Genotropin Pens are some of the popular brands of HGH pen sold in the US. The MiniQuick® Pen for Genotropin HGH is a prefilled multi-dose somatropin device which makes taking growth hormone medication very easy. Read more about the MiniQuick Pen Online. The next most expensive HGH products sold in the USA are Omnitrope and Norditropin whose costs is among the relatively expensive growth hormones available for sale.

It has been proven in many clinical studies that only Injectable HGH has significant effects on the body. For that reason the only HGH product we supply is Injectable HGH, also called Somatropin HGH (Human Growth Hormone).

Why are HGH Injections worth the cost? Because they are the fastest and most effective way of getting the hormone into the body. FDA-Approved Somatropin Growth Hormone Injectables are laboratory tested and found to be the most beneficial way of taking growth hormone in humans who need treatment. Bio-Identical HGH injections therapy makes it easier and faster for the human body to adapt to the effects of this beneficial hormone. Somatropin HGH is known as "BIO-IDENTICAL HGH" or "NATURAL HGH", and is identical biologically to the human growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland for use by the body. The use of HGH Growth Hormone Injections are for the medical treatment of patients that suffer from genetic growth disorders or adult human growth hormone deficiency. According to clinical studies, the injectable HGH form is also effective in weight loss, muscle and bone growth, improving the condition of the skin, providing a better focus and great memory, boosting energy, improving sexual drive, alleviating hot flashes, night sweats, enhancing mood and many other health benefits. It has proven to improve the immune system, speed up healing and wound recover, cell regeneration and overall body function. Another advantage of HRT is that HGH injections provide these growth hormone health benefits quite quickly, usually within a six month time frame to see significant before and after treatment results.

When searching for Human Growth Hormone for sale, make sure your medical provider is prescribing approved Injectable Somatropin HGH from one of the major hormone producers. You will recognize the brand names and can review their costs online or call the medical center and get current pricing for HGH. If you see very cheap HGH for sale online, it may be diluted, imported from overseas, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada or China. The brand names you should order are Pfizer Genotropin - Novo Nordisk Norditropin - Sandoz Omnitrope - Eli Lilly Humatrope - Teva Tev-Tropin. Order HGH from a medical doctor or pharmacy in the United States. It is the only kind of legal HGH.

What Types of Human Growth Hormone Injection can I buy?

Brand Name HGH for Sale in the United States - Somatropin Brands

HGH Side Effects

Adjusting the HGH dose for side effects. After you start your HGH Injections Treatments, speak with your hormone doctor about any drug side effects you experience. HGH Program monitoring are part of the cost of your therapy cycle. Some of the most common side effects include edema or fluid retention, carpal tunnel syndrome, numbness, tingling sensation, swelling, headaches, joint and muscle pain. Your endocrinologist or HGH treatment doctor will adjust your Somatropin dosage to help avoid any unwanted side effects during your treatment program. Before buying Injectable HGH online we recommend you to speak with your doctor about what type of therapy is best for you.

HGH Prescription Cost

What is the cost of Growth Hormone Prescription? Most HRT Doctors will arrange IGF-1 HGH Lab Testing, physical exam and medical assessment. The cost of obtaining an HGH Prescription is between $300 to $800 depending upon the diagnostic lab testing required. You can compare prices of getting an HGH RX and find information about Recombinant Human Growth Hormones rDNA prescription drugs. Recombinant human growth hormones or Somatropin is used to treat AGHD.

HGH prescriptions may also be written for the Somatropin Pen devices and specialized needles needed to inject your hormone medication. Hormone injector pen devices are more expensive than the traditional syringe and needle HGH kits available for sale in the USA. Many HRT patients find the extra expense for pre-filled cartridges or auto-injection Somatropin devices to be well worth the price as they are extremely easy to use. With HGH pens, there is no need to mix and reconstitute lyophilized HGH powder with bacteriostatic water to prepare an injectable growth solution. Read more about HGH Pen Cost Online.

To buy HGH injections online you must have a valid medical prescription BEFORE buying HGH for your treatment. The process of qualifying for the use of genuine growth hormone therapy is very stringent and requires hormone blood testing, physical examination, and complete medical assessment. During an HGH Replacement Treatment Program, an experienced medical doctor monitors and adjusts the somatropin dosage as needed to ensure that the precise amount of the hormone is properly delivered for optimal medical results. To learn more about getting a prescription for Human Growth Hormone, visit - learn about HGH Prescriptions online.

Low Cost and Discount Pricing for HGH Injections

Using Growth Hormone Injections can get very expensive for HRT patients. To help patients who need to take HGH for replacement therapy FDA approved bran name manufacturers have set up patient assistance programs as an alternative to filing an insurance claim for somatropin drug reimbursement. If an insurance company doesn't cover injectable Human Growth Hormone, then an HRT patient can apply to get lower cost HGH or discounted somatropin medicine through the Discount HGH program. The treatment covered must be bio-identical growth hormone or Somatropin (C990H1529N263O299S7). Remember that somatropin is not an anabolic steroid like testosterone, it is a more intricate hormone to produce. It is a prescription drug used for therapeutic medical purposes for patients who need it for GHD. The HGH itself costs $150 to $200 per bottle and the annual cost of HGH is between $8,000 and $12,000 a year for all of the treatments, including doctor visits, lab testing and drug medications.

Why use HGH Injections?

The Human Growth Hormone is responsible for the growth and maintenance of every cell and organ in the human body. It helps promote healthy skin, thick hair, proper healing and recovery, building muscle and bone growth, heart and brain health, libido, sexual desire and sexual function. Human Growth Hormone Therapy using Somatropin, the bio-identical form of HGH, was developed to treat patients with low levels of HGH or deficient HGH production. The health condition in adults with an HGH insufficiency, is known as AGHD or Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency. Endocrinologists, Age Management Centers such as Cenegenics and Hormone Doctors prescribe HGH Somatropin as an exogenous hormone treatment more than almost any other bio-identical in the world. Both children and adults who need Human Growth Hormone due to a pituitary health condition or hormone insufficiency benefit from HGH use and supplementation. HGH is also used to build strong muscle, strengthen bones and reduce fat in patients with muscle loss, osteoporosis or are fighting obesity. Sports medicine doctors and trauma physicians also make use of Human Growth Hormone because it has "growth factors" which speed healing, cell regeneration and recovery.

Human Growth Hormone Not Covered by Insurance – What Is HGH cost?

Typical HGH costs: For patients not covered by health insurance, Growth Hormone Injections typically costs about $800 to $3,000 for a monthly supply administered by subcutaneous injection daily. Growth Hormone Treatment for Children vs Adults. A treatment program for adults is usually less expensive than that for children with GHD. Children needing somatropin shots find that growth comes at a greater cost as the dosage schedule is usually more than the low-dose regimen for adults with AGHD. The price of treatment for children vs adults ranges from $10,000 to $50,000 annually. Most adults spend about $10,000 to $15,000 annually with men spending a little more for women because the dose for men's HGH Therapy usually is higher than that for women's HGH Therapy.

Human Growth Hormone, is many times called the Master Hormone because it effects every cell in the human body and regulates many other hormones. The body produces growth hormone naturally in the pituitary gland, and it is responsible for cell growth, body maintenance and repair, and cell regeneration.

Is HGH considered an anabolic steroid? Is HGH Legal to Buy? HGH injections are not steroids. HGH is a hormone with anabolic properties similar to testosterone and so some people think that HGH Growth Hormone is an anabolic steroid. HGH pills and sprays are not not the same as injectable Human Growth Hormone which are anabolic in nature and are used to help correct hormone deficiency in adults and children in a medically supervised HGH Treatment Program by prescription only.

Many adult men and women with AGHD seek HGH for sale to treat menopause and Andropause symptoms. While HGH can help create a more youthful appearance and improved body composition, doctors only prescribe HGH to those patients who have a valid medical reason for using it. The health benefits do include muscle growth, endurance and stamina, stronger bones, thicker hair, smoother skin, athletic performance enhancement, boost in libido and sexual function, and reduced body fat due to HGH's anabolic properties. The pituitary gland secretes natural Growth Hormone. It regulates metabolism, temperature and other hormones in the body. Together with testosterone HGH helps maintain and repair the body's tissues, promotes a healthy sex drive, and helps maintain proper body weight and fat distribution. Get the facts about HGH - HGH Facts

HGH Lab Test Cost

You need to have an HGH Lab Test to qualify for HGH Treatment. How much does an HGH blood test cost? The cost of a Human Growth Hormone lab test ranges from about $295 to $495 for an IGF-1 HGH blood test. Many hormone physicians and endocrinologists include lab testing in the cost of Human Growth Hormone Therapy injections. In some cases the cost of HGH injections and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is reimbursed by some insurance companies, but it not the usual case. This is true even though a hormone blood test is required to evaluate your condition and determine the proper HGH dosage and somatropin treatment regimen.

Does Insurance Cover HGH Therapy costs?

HGH Insurance Coverage: Does Health Insurance Cover HGH Therapy? Human Growth Hormone Therapy, also known as Somatropin Therapy, may be partly covered by some insurance companies, including the laboratory costs and follow up visits with the doctor. Insurance Coverage for HGH costs also depends on the particular health insurance plan you have, and the brand of HGH you buy.

When HGH Therapy is part of an HRT Treatment plan to correct a body's deficiency in natural HGH levels, treat muscle wasting, or for severe burns or wound healing, a part of the cost may be covered. Sports Medicine doctors using growth factors (HGH) or IGF-1 as part of the surgical procedure to induce better healing may also be covered by insurance. When HGH is being used outside of a medical doctor's supervision such as a weight loss solution or anti-aging solution, insurance companies are not likely to cover any portion of the HGH treatment bill or hormone blood testing.

How much does a Cenegenics Program Cost? Compare Cenegenics Pricing to Alternative Age Management Clinics in the United States that offer HGH Replacement Therapy. Cenegenics is one of the leading Age Management Centers in the United States but their programs are extremely expensive. Their are many very good Cenegenics alternatives to help you save money on a treatment program. The initial Cenegenics HGH consultation cost can range from $4,000 to $5,000 plus the cost of travel and accommodations to visit their main clinic in Las Vegas Nevada. They also have clinics in Boca Raton Florida, Palm Beach Florida, Tampa Florida, Dallas Texas, Houston TX, San Antfonio TX, Austin TX, Phoenix Arizona, Cleveland Ohio, Los Angeles California, Seattle Washington, Portland Oregon, Columbus Ohio, Boston MA, Baltimore MD, Chicago Ilinois, Omaha NE, Anchorage AK, San Francisco CA, Manhattan New York, Brooklyn NY, Long Island NY, Atlanta Georgia, Raleigh NC, Washington DC, Memphis TN, and many other affiliate locations.

In addition to the base Growth Hormone Injections costs, a Cenegenics Health or HRT Program's HGH cost is roughly $2,000 monthly, with anti-aging supplement costs about $1,500, and ongoing diagnostics and blood level growth hormone testing costing from $750 to $1,200. If Testosterone Replacement is needed, then the costs of Testosterone Injectons, HCG Injections and Aromatase Inhibitors are added to cost of the HGH Therapy Program.

Can I Save Money By Ordering HGH Injections Online?

HGH Prices Online: By researching HGH prices online you can save money on the Cost of HGH Therapy. By determining the entire the cost of HGH replacement therapy as well as hormone drug discounts, you can discover savings of hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars during the course of your HRT program. Many online pharmacies also post a range of somatropin, sermorelin and testosterone prices for comparison purposes, and many compounding and licensed US pharmacies also have HGH peptide therapy solutions such as Sermorelin Acetate Injections, estrogen replacement medicines and ED (Erectile Dysfunction) drugs such as Caverject, Trimix, Edex and Muse delivered. Can You Buy HGH Injections Without a Prescription? No, it is not legal to order HGH injections online without a prescription. While prescription growth hormone injections have many positive benefits, including anabolic qualities that increase muscle size and strengthen bones. The hormone is not approved for bodybuilding, sports enhancement or weight loss. Some people try to get an HGH prescription online thinking they can buy it build muscle mass or lose weight because the hormone naturally increases muscle size and burns body fat. The only approved purpose is for Growth Hormone Deficiency, muscle wasting, specific health conditions and certain surgical procedures. If you do have a doctor's prescription for growth hormone therapy, make sure you buy HGH for sale by licensed pharmacies in the USA and buy Human Growth Hormone Injections Online that are FDA-Approved. If you visit an HGH website that states you can "Buy Genuine Human Growth Hormone Injections online without a prescription", then they are not selling authentic HGH (Somatropin). If an HGH website states you can get brand name HGH for sale at cheap prices, or prices per IU that are well below market price, then they may be selling imported or fake HGH for sale. Generic HGH or Cheap HGH for Sale Online at very low cost. Many generic, non-branded cheap HGH injections are imported from China, Mexico, Canada and other places to help patients save money. Some of the worst offenders selling fake or cheap HGH at below market coat are Online Pharmacies and Anabolic Steroid websites. Mail Order HGH Pharmacies online sell inferior or cheap HGH mixed with other ingredients to dilute the potency and reduce the cost. You should only purchase pure Growth Hormone for Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Cost of Types of Somatropin HGH Injections for Sale Online

The Best Hormone Physicians offering HGH at the Best Price. Feel free to contact us and a Hormone Treatment Specialist will speak to you at your earliest convenience. Anti-Aging HGH Clinics and Age Management Doctors are usually the best Medical HGH providers for USA patients needing Somatropin and HGH prescription refills at the lowest cost.

FDA-Approved HGH from Anti-Aging HGH Clinic and Doctors

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Order Injectable HGH Online - Price of Growth Hormone Therapy

Contact an Endocrine Specialist for HGH Treatment Online and get HGH Injections Cost and Prescription Information

HGH Therapy Help and Information. With over 28,000 patients nationwide, we can help you with your HGH Therapy needs. We offer the best possible pricing on HGH Injections including Genotropin, Omnitrope, Nutropin, Somatropin, Tevtropin, Norditropin and Humatrope. For pricing and HGH Treatment information including how to get an HGH Prescription, or Buy HGH Online fill out the Growth Hormone Info Form.

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Best Cenegenics® Anti-Aging Clinic Alternative for HGH Therapy

"Where Can I Buy Real HGH Injections Online?" - Contact our HGH Treatment Center for pricing, help and information on how to purchase HGH. Get answers from experienced endocrine specialists about hormone testing, doctors who prescribe real human growth hormone, getting HGH treatments prescribed, buying injectable somatropin legally, using HGH with testosterone, and obtaining HGH injections for sale online. Ordering HGH Injections

Understanding Human Growth Hormone Use and Benefits

Injectable HGH is the Real Growth Hormone or Somatropin for Injection

HGH availability and the search for an anti-aging, menopause, Andropause and natural weight loss solution, has men and women taking human growth hormone (HGH) as supplements, pills, sprays, liquid solutions, powders, and somatropin injections. Somatropin is the genuine prescription form of growth hormone. Medical studies have linked HGH injections with effective relief of AGHD, andropausal and menopausal symptoms, prompting endocrinologists, urologists, age management and and anti-aging doctors to prescribe HGH and testosterone for their patients.

One of the most frequently asked questions is, Is HGH Legal? - Get Legal HGH and How long does it take to see before and after HGH results. Another patient concern is can HGH help improve sex drive? On the website, we discuss the truth about HGH for hormone deficiency, age management and weight loss. Some of the biggest health benefits of HGH use is increased energy, boost in libido, fat loss and lean muscle gain.

Together with testosterone and estrogen, the hormone helps to regulate body composition, sex drive, muscle and bone growth, body maintenance and repair, body temperature, vision, glucose and fat metabolism, and immune and cardiovascular function. HGH benefits have been well-documented, on our site you can read about HGH effects on the body before and after therapy, and see pictures and videos of HGH Before and After Videos.

HGH Human Growth Hormone use can have side effects if not properly dosed. HGH is produced by the pituitary gland, and is responsible for growth in children and adolescents but adults need sufficent levels for good health. Human Growth Hormone deficiency causes age-related health problems and illness. You can contact an HGH specialist to learn everything you need to know about replacement therapy and how youthful levels can help turn back your body's biological clock which can restore energy, sex drive build muscle and stronger bones, and burn body fat.

Using HGH supplementation ensures that muscle, bone and tissue cells consistently receive the nourishment they need to function at an optimum level. HGH treatment helps the body maintain its overall health, and at optimal levels offers the benefits of Human Growth Hormone without unwanted side effects. The hormone serves an important therapeutic role to help the patients with HGH insufficiency regardless of how much it slows the aging process. There is much medical evidence to suggest human growth hormone can help otherwise healthy adults regain youth and vitality, look better and feel better. Hormone experts recommend using HGH Replacement Therapy only for medically indicated health conditions, not as an Anti-Aging Miracle or performance enhancer even though some sports medicine doctors see it as a fountain of youth drug because Human Growth Hormone really does help athletes heal faster. Need help getting Growth Hormone, contact an HGH Expert.

Real HGH vs HGH Supplements

Genuine Growth Hormone Requires a Doctor's Prescription, HGH Boosters and Supplements are Non-Prescription

HGH Energizing Products are very popular online. many anabolic steroid and pill websites try to sell them as if they were genuine growth hormone. Clearly, the efficiency of a growth hormone product depends upon its formulation. If it is an injectable somatropin sold by a brand name FDA-approved HGH manufacturer such as Pfizer, Sandoz, Eli Lilly, Optimal Health Anti-Aging, Genentech or Novo Nordisk, then it is authentic somatropin HGH. Otherwise, you are most likely buying a fake or cheap HGH, especially if you are buying online from an anabolic steroid HGH supplier without a doctor's prescription.

HGH Injections vs HGH Pills

Some HGH pills for sale can slightly boost natural growth hormone levels because the pill's composition is made from amino acid ingredients which can increase hormone levels. However, these products are not real HGH and the quantities of the ingredients in a non-prescription HGH product are simply not effective in bringing out the desired treatment result for men and women with a true medical need for HGH. In the case of anti-aging and dietary supplements, the fact that the HGH liquid, spray, pill or tablet is taken orally means it must go through the digestive system to be absorbed. Any search online regarding authentic HGH, will show that somatropin is a delicate molecule that would not survive the digestive tract and only growth hormone injections or Somatropin should be prescribed for medical therapeutic purposes. Read more Growth Hormone Treatments at HGH Reviews Online

Amino Acid HGH Pills you buy online or in health food stores can still help improve health as many of these are natural herbal supplements. Natural HGH health supplements usually pose few to no side effects and may help you boost energy levels but they are no substitute for medically supervised HGH hormone therapy. Most HGH supplements in health food stores are not anabolic steroids but rather protein amino acid compunds with other minerals and nutrients.

The typical non-prescription HGH pill ingredients include - L-Arginine, an amino acid, which fosters nitric oxide production which expands blood vessels facilitating both testosterone and HGH. L-Leucine, an amino acid, which helps manage glucose levels boosting natural energy and endurance levels. L-Glutamine and L-Lysine which naturally increase the human growth hormones levels in the body. L-Ornithine which helps improve athletic ability and wound healing. L-Glycine, an anti-aging amino acid, and creatine which gives muscles a direct energy source to build lean muscle mass and strength.

HGH and Bodybuilding or Weight Loss

Many bodybuilders and weight lifters take large amounts of amino acids and creatine to help build and maintain lean muscle mass. Many HGH pills and HGH-Boosting supplements sold online are made with these amino acid ingredients and compounds but do not contain real growth growth hormone. Vitamin B6, Pyridoxine and other antioxidant vitamins that help fight free radicals, Maca Root and Tribulus Terrestris claimed to increase natural testosterone levels. While testosterone and HGH have muscle building anabolic properties and fat burning qualities, they are not approved for weight loss or bodybuilding purposes.

Types of HGH Therapy Available for Sale

HGH Therapy Cost

Human Growth Hormone Cost. Injectable HGH is an expensive hormone drug. Some Hormone Replacement Programs such as those from the Cenegenics Age Management Centers are some of the most expensive Anti-Aging Treatment Programs available in the United States. While there are many Cenegenics® Clinic alternatives, the actual cost of buying genuine Growth Hormone will still be high. You can learn more about Cenegenics® Cost and compare other treatment programs. Cenegenics® Cost

What does HGH help?

HGH Human Growth Hormone helps children and adults with Growth Hormone Deficiency. Those are the approved uses for medical or therapeutic HGH. People using genuine growth hormone see dramatic improvement in body composition. sex drive, mood, and relief from menopausal and andropausal hormone symptoms. Some people are looking for a quick weight loss solution or athletic performance enhancer and bodybuilding muscle booster which has people taking human growth hormone (HGH) as pills, powders, liquids, and injections.

Only the injectable form of HGH, called Somatropin can help people with medically insufficient levels of the hormone. Many people seek out prescription pharmacy-grade Growth Hormone because HGH injections help with improved body composition resulting in reduced body fat, weight loss and lean muscle gains. Many men and women who are looking for HGH for weight loss have discovered a more appropriate treatment for reducing fat and losing weight. Lipotropic Injections, also known as Lipo shots use a combination of amino acids and vitamins to dissolve excess fat and subsequently, lose excess weight. Learn more about Lipo Shots for Weight Loss.

Many Age Management Physicians and Anti-Aging Medicine Doctors believe Human Growth Hormone can slow th signs of aging helping turn back your body's biological clock. Read more about HGH for Adults HGH for Adults. Many Hormone Replacement Therapy patients taking HGH and testosterone, do report increased libido and energy levels, ability to build strong lean muscle, burn fat, sleep better, look better and feel healthier. For this reason, many HGH Treatment Programs are called "Healthy Aging Programs".

Treating Menopause Symptoms and Andropause Symptoms

Men and Women have different levels of Growth Hormone in the body. Treatment protocols take that into account when planning an HGH Treatment Program.

Women in menopause experience HGH insufficiency in addition to estrogen, progesterone, oxytocin, DHEA and testosterone. These hormone deficiencies cause many of the menopausal symptoms including hot flushes, mood swings, anxiety, memory loss, muscle and joint pain, loss of libido, sexual dysfunction, excessive weight gain, insomnia and depression. HGH Therapy along with other bio-identical HRT can help women alleviate these signs and symptoms.

Men in Andropause, the male menopause or "manopause", also experience an HGH deficinecy in addition to Testosterone and DHEA. These hormone deficiencies cause many of the "Low T symptoms" including hot flashes in men, wide mood swings, bursts of anger, hair loss, muscle loss, weak bones, joint pain, loss of libido, ED Erectile dysfunction (male impotence), rapid weight gain and increase in body fat, social withdrawal, lack of drive and motivation, insomnia and depression. HGH Therapy along with other bio-identical HRT, especially TRT - testosterone therapy, can help men alleviate these signs and symptoms.

HGH Prescription

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is prescribed to patients for medical or therapeutic purposes. Knowledgeable Endocrinologists and Hormone Specialists are trained to diagnose AGHD and provide HGH prescriptions. Especially during Menopause and Andropause when other horones such as estrogen, progesterone, DHEA and testosterone are low, patients may need an HGH prescription, and turn to our HGH specialists to learn how to get an HGH prescription, hormone testing, the treatment protocols, HGH dosages and HGH prescriptions costs. Endocrinologists for HGH Therapy.

Why You Need HGH Prescribed by a Doctor?

Injectable HGH is a pharmaceutical grade hormone medicine and needs a doctor's prescription before you can buy it. This essential hormone is produced naturally by the human body but declines as you age and requires replenishment with genuine HGH called Somatropin, the bio-identical (biologically similar HGH).

Best HGH Doctors and Growth Hormone Clinics

Find Doctors who prescribe HGH Injections for Men & Women needing HRT

The Anti-Aging HGH Clinic can explain how to get an HGH Prescription Online from the best HGH Doctors and Hormone Therapy Clinics in the USA. The best HRT specialists provide Human Growth Hormone Therapy (HGH) in USA at a local growth hormone clinic near you. HGH replenishment helps men and women feel and look younger and live a healthier life. You must have a doctor's HGH prescription from a licensed medical physician practicing in the USA to buy HGH.

How to Get HGH Prescription Legally

Our Endocrinologists and Age Management Centers can guide you on how to get an HGH prescription legally. HGH Prescriptions from HRT Doctors are for Growth Hormone Deficiency, increase height (children), Adult Growth Hormone Treatment for aging adults, menopause therapy or andropause therapy, as opposed to bodybuilding, athletic sports or solely for weight loss. In some special cases injectable HGH (somatropin) is used for sports injuries, surgery and severe burn treatment along with stems cells injections and PRP injections to help with healing.

HGH Cost

The Cost of HGH Therapy

HGH dose, brand of HGH you buy, your age, weight and current hormone levels are factors that determine HGH therapy costs. The HGH prescription costs usually include lab testing and the doctor's visit to diagnose growth hormone imbalance. HGH must be dosed to specifically address the health condition the hormone is being used to treat. The average cost of FDA-Approved HGH ranges form $500 to $1,500 per month for most treatment plans.

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