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Hormone Lab Testing Growth Hormone Blood Test

HGH Lab Test

Low HGH / IGF-1 Testing

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With over 20,000 patients nationwide, we can help you with your HGH Treatment and Laboratory Testing needs. We offer the best possible pricing on bio-identical Growth Hormone Injections including Genotropin, Omnitrope, Nutropin, Somatropin, rDNA HGH, Tev-Tropin, Norditropin and Humatrope. Growth Hormone Lab Testing is available online.

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Growth Hormone Deficiency Testing Men and women experiencing hormonal imbalance due to lower than normal levels of HGH or IGF1 in their blood are able to get a simple and quick blood hormone level test.

Growth Hormone Blood Testing measures the blood serum level to ascertain how much GH is being secreted by the pituitary gland and to help diagnose Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency Syndrome (Low Human Growth Hormone). HGH is instrumental in the maintenance and repair of your cells, tissues and organs including temperature, sex drive and metabolism - how effectively your body uses food for energy. The amount of GH in your blood changes during the day and night - and is affected by age, diet, exercise, sleep patterns, weight, body composition and stress.

HGH levels usually peak at night and is released in bursts or pulses throughout the night, and to a lesser extent during the day time. Since HGH is released in fluctuating pulses, a higher hormone level may result as being normal if blood is drawn during a pulse. A lower hormone level may be seen as normal if the blood is drawn toward the end of an HGH pulse. For this reason, lab reference ranges are used and normal value ranges may vary slightly among different laboratories and times of the day you are tested.

For more information, contact our medical center to discuss how HGH blood testing works, what test results mean, or to schedule lab work and physical examination if you think you may be hormone deficient. Our HRT physicians are the leading HGH Replacement Therapy experts and can diagnose and prescribe a comprehensive treatment program. Our treatment centers specialize in providing HGH therapy for men and HGH for women. HGH Replacement Therapy

Growth Hormone is known as the master hormone because it has a regulating and controlling influence over other hormones in the body. One of these is IGF-1 or insulin-like growth factor-1, and when HGH levels are high, the IGF-1 levels in the blood are also high. Measuring IGF-1 levels is another testing method used to determine growth hormone levels. Because HGH levels can fluctuate rapidly, insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) levels which change more slowly are an important measurement. Growth hormone deficiency and hypopituitarism or low function of the pituitary gland are health conditions patients are normally testing for.

Growth Hormone Level Testing

Types of HGH Testing

Tests used to Diagnose Growth Hormone Deficiency

  • IGF-1 Blood Serum Levels
  • Growth Hormone Stimulation Test
  • GHRH Releasing Agent or GHRH-Arginine Stimulation Test

Normal Growth Hormone Levels

The normal ranges for adult human growth hormone levels are:

  • 1 - 9 ng/mL (Men)
  • 1 - 16 ng/mL (Women)

If you are a man and your ranges are outside the normal lab reference range you should discuss our HGH treatment programs designed for men with GH deficiency. If you are a woman with GH levels outside the normal range we have special HGH replacement therapy programs designed for women. Our physicians prescribe only natural or bio-identical growth hormone injections for treatment. Before taking your blood test, make sure to inform your doctor if you are taking any other hormone medications or steroid drugs.

Below, read more about HGH testing and how to order your lab work. If you already have been prescribed injectable HGH, we can show you where to buy hgh injections at the best price.

HGH Test Analysis

Growth Hormone Lab Panel Results

The Growth Hormone Panel panel results include the following hormone level tests:

  • Human Growth Hormone
  • Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1)
  • Testosterone, Free (Unbound Bio-Available or Direct) and Blood Serum Total
The GH Blood Panel tests the amount of Free Testosterone, Total Testosterone, IGF-1 or Insulin Like Growth Factor and Human Growth Hormone circulating in your blood. With the results of this lab work your treating physician can formulate a comprehensive hormone replacement program tailored specifically to your medical needs.

Growth Hormone Lab Tests Online

Ordering an HGH Lab Test Online

Order your HGH Lab Test Online by contacting our Hormone Treatment Center at one of our convenient locations - 1-800-319-9676 Our HGH specialists will guide you as to cost of GH lab testing and process of getting your examination and doctor's prescription for HGH. The growth hormone test will measure the amount of growth hormone in your blood. If you are deficient, a diagnoses of AGHD or Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency may be made by your doctor. Find a Location

Prescription Growth Hormone

How to Get HGH Prescriptions Online

After you take your Growth Hormone Test, our endocrine specialists can explain about the different hormone lab tests online, how to order blood tests online, and discuss how the growth hormone (GH) test is used for treatment and diagnose, when a GH test is taken and how to prepare for your blood test. If you are planning to start human growth hormone replacement therapy, then a physical examination will need to accompany your test results before you buy HGH. Many patients ask, does HGH require a prescription? To buy real growth hormone legally and safely, then you will definitely need a doctor's prescription. Real HGH Injections are not the same as GH pills and sprays sold on the internet. Prescription HGH purchasing requirements are very strict and all prospective HGH patients must first have their blood test, medical examination and diagnoses of deficiency. Our experienced HRT physicians answer the questions "Do you need a prescription for HGH?", "How to get a prescription for HGH", "How do I know if I need HGH replacement?", "What HGH dosage will I take?", "How much does HGH cost?".

Steps to Getting HGH

Contact us for an HGH prescriptions medical consultation with a hormone specialist. Doctor's HGH Consultation. Injectable somatropin or Human Growth Hormone should be taken in precise doses that only an experienced hormone physician can prescribe for you. If you need to review the different types of Growth Hormone or somatropin available for therapeutic uses, them take a moment to review the various FDA-approved, high quality medication at HGH Treatment Reviews Men have different dosing requirements from women and a complete medical evaluation that reviews the complete hormone lab test panel results help ensure a successful treatment program. Read more about How to Get HGH Prescription Online


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