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The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), which was founded in 1993 to support research on extending life and treating age-related disease, claims 19,000 members in 90 countries. Membership has nearly doubled in the past five years. Natural hormone therapies like bio-identical Growth Hormone and Testosterone are the fastest growing age management medical treatments being offered to patients. With over 20,000 satisfied patients, we at Optimal Health Medical can offer you the highest quality injectable HGH therapies at the best price.

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Why use Human Growth Hormone?

The Human Growth Hormone is responsible for the growth and maintenance of every cell in the human body. It helps promote healthy, youthful looking skin, hair and nail health, healing and recovery, lean muscle mass and bone growth, heart and brain function, stable mood, metabolism, libido, healthy sex drive and sexual function. Human Growth Hormone Therapy using Somatropin, the bio-identical form of HGH, was developed to treat patients with low levels of HGH or deficient HGH production.

Human Growth Hormone Therapy Clinics in the United States

Thousands of men and women with Growth Hormone Deficiency who are looking for local HGH Doctors and Anti-Aging Clinics have researched HGH Therapy Treatments online and are ready to enroll in a Hormone Replacement Therapy program using bio-dentical Growth Hormone. RxHGHTHerapy.com has continued to be the leading resource for Human growth Hormone treatment, endocrinologists, Age Management Physicians and Anti-Aging Medicine doctors who offer HGH Treatment services throught the United States. Our HRT Physicians are the leading medical experts for natural Hormone Replacement Therapy using Testosterone and injectable HGH in the United States. With HGH clinics, doctors and laboratories where you can get your hormone levels tested nationwide, local residents are able to take advantage of the largest Bio-Identical Hormone Physician and Endocrinologist Network.

Our Hormone Treatment Centers offer Age Management Services, Anti-Aging Therapy and Healthy Aging Programs using the highest quality, FDA-Approved bioidentical Somatropin HGH Therapy. By using bioidentical or natural hormones, our hormone physicians are able to offer our patients the most effective care for Adult Human Growth Hormone Deficiency. To learn more about the cost of HGH Therapy, using HGH with Testosterone for Therapy, getting a prescription for injectable Human Growth Hormone, or to get a hormone blood test for HGH or Testosterone levels, contact a local HGH clinic in to discover how natural HGH Therapy can help you improve the qulaity of your life.

Medical HGH for Adult Men and Women

Human Growth Hormone Therapy using Somatropin is the modern medical solution to treating aging men and women's low or lost production of HGH due to age related hormone decline, menopause and Adnropause, the male menopause. Low HGH levels can also be caused by pituitary failure, or as a result of another endocrine condition, or injury.

HGH and Aging. As people age, their bodies produce less HGH resulting in hormonal health problems and other effects associated with aging. HGH Clinics and Age Management Physicians prescribe bio-identical Growth Hormone to replace lost endogenous HGH hormones. Through hormone optimization, physicians are able to alleviate the unwanted hormonal effects experienced during menopause and Andropause and achieve remarkable HGH treatment results. The impact of low levels of Human Growth Hormone on the body and mind are seen by many as the signs and symptoms of aging. While HH is not an Anti-Aging Miracle Drug or Fountain of Youth Drug, it has demonstrated its ability help slow down and even reverse many of the signs of age related hormone decline. Learn more about HGH and the aging process.


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